Advanced Alarms Mackay is a professional security systems specialist with expertise across a wide range of security systems and technology. We supply and install alarms, cameras, smoke detectors, panic alarms and many other security system components.
Monitoring camera systems – Advance Alarms Mackay in Mackay, QLD

An alarm system is only as good as the response it generates. When a LOCAL alarm is activated it initiates a siren, which may sound for up to 10 minutes. What then happens in response to the siren will not only depend on people being able to hear it, but their willingness to take some form of action. However, when your MONITORED ALARM is activated a signal is transmitted via your existing phone lines to the Monitoring Station where experienced operators respond by informing any contact you specify. Other than alarms, power failures, low battery & tampers and radio detector signal fails, tampers and low batteries are also transmitted down making monitoring an effective management and diagnostic tool as well as it's primary purpose of ensuring multiple contacts for an alarm and in particular, the exact alarm activated.

Patrol Response to the alarm, when required, can be provided by your Local Patrol Company, or any contact you specify, you have full control.

If you want a more secure communications path for your Alarm System?

It is our professional obligation to inform you that as disruption to your existing telephone lines may arise from factors outside your control, we recommend the installation of a Permoconn Unit to allow multi communication paths and the line will be polled to ensure it's serviceability. It will only use the landline (if available) should the networks fail. This monitoring has the advantage of not having to pay any phone call costs. It will utilise the Telstra and Optus networks as your system is polled regularly throughout the day and night. This system will ensure notification should your existing phone line be cut or tampered with causing lose of signal and the networks fail. Please contact us should you wish to investigate this option.

Utilising the highest grade monitoring station gives our clients piece of mind knowing an action plan is in place for a break & enter. Their blast proof doors, back up breathing apparatus and generators ensure they remain in place to respond to your alarms.

Do call us for all your options.
Other security systems – Advanced Alarms Mackay in Mackay, QLD
Commercial, financial and industrial security systems

Our extensive experience ensures that we have the capability to provide a system that meets our clients' requirements. We have designed and/or installed and serviced security, access control and camera systems for many types of business. These include:
  • Hospitals
  • Banks
  • Major supermarkets
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Small businesses
  • Mining companies
  • Airports
Surveillance cameras – Advanced Alarms Mackay in Mackay, QLD
Surveillance Cameras

We are experienced in the design, installation and maintenance of:

  • Recording single and multiple cameras
  • Interfacing camera systems to alarm systems
  • Pan/tilt/zoom remote control cameras
  • Digital video recording
  • Covert (hidden) cameras for discreet surveillance of staff and public
  • Video transmission - long distances
Residential security systems – Advanced Alarms Mackay in Mackay, QLD
Residential Security Systems

We install and service residential security systems to cater for the safety of your home as well as its occupants. Our services include burglary detection and installation of auxiliary smoke detectors. We also provide medical alert and panic buttons for people who may be living alone or who have a health condition that could stop them phoning for help in the case of an emergency.
Residential security systems – Advanced Alarms Mackay in Mackay, QLD
Access Control

Proximity and smart cards, electronic locks are required for many access control points for businesses. Whether it is access to offices, warehouses or boom gate operations many businesses find access cards and electronic locks to be a more secure means of restricting and controlling access buildings and stock. Many of these systems also provide logs so that a client can always monitor who is accessing their premises and at what times.
Videofied alarm systems – Advanced Alarms Mackay in Mackay, QLD
Videofied" alarm systems

These systems provide transmission of pictures to a control room for confirmation of alarms. They save on callouts for false alarms that may have been triggered by incidents other than unapproved entry.
Radio alarm systems – Advanced Alarms Mackay in Mackay, QLD
Radio Alarm Systems

We install radio alarm systems that are used for system control, remote devices or where cabling is not practical or wanted.